Cotton Lavender Hedging

Cotton Lavender (Santolina chamaecyparissus) is a popular option for those looking for neat, appealing hedging plants. This plant variation is a compact, dwarf hedge option with aromatic leaves held on soft, pale-coloured branches. This, paired with the bright yellow pom pom flowers which appear in mid to late summer, make Cotton Lavender plants a great choice for those looking to create something unique and appealing when it comes to the appearance of their outdoor spaces.

Another appeal of these hardy shrubs is their easy-to-grow properties and typically disease-free lifespan. They thrive in sunny areas with well drained soil; for best results, it is recommended that Cotton Lavender plants are positioned in a sunny area, with soil that is not too rich. To extend the life of your Cotton Lavender hedging plants it is a good idea to trim them back come autumn to remove any dead flowers. This will also help to keep your hedge nice and dense and compact for years to come.
As with all of the plants that we sell, this Cotton Lavender hedging plant comes from our family-run nursery in Kent, which helps to ensure that they will flourish when you come to planting them in your home or landscaping project.

Take a look at our range of beautiful Cotton Lavender plants on offer below. If you require any assistance or advice then contact one of our specialists on 01580 765600, or find out how else you can get in touch here.

Potted Hedging

We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results.
  • Cotton Lavender Potted Hedging 5/8in 12/20cm

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