Using Lavender Plants to Grow a Hedge

A Lavender hedge makes a beautiful addition to a sunny garden, especially along a path or surrounding a seating area where the intoxicating scent may be appreciated.

The same principles above still apply, be sure that the drainage is good, improving it if necessary. For a dense continuous hedge, we would recommend using 3-5 plants per metre using the higher number of plants for those in smaller pots sizes and the smaller growing varieties of Lavender plants.

You can of course plant a little further apart in which case the larger varieties will grow together over time and with a little more patience, while the smaller types will grow into a series of ‘bumps’ which can also look very effective.

If you choose Lavender as a hedge bordering a flower bed or vegetable patch, try not to let any luxuriant growth on the plants within the bed sprawl over the Lavender plants.

This can cause the damp shady conditions underneath which lavenders so dislike. When you come to cut these plants back in Autumn you may be very likely to reveal a dead section of Lavender underneath.

Instead, keep the plants trimmed back if necessary, try and keep a 30cm ‘exclusion zone’ around the Lavender plants so they can feel the sun on their faces and have good airflow so the foliage stays dry.