When To Plant Lavender

Lavender hedges are an extremely popular border shrub with bright, aromatic foliage that makes a fantastic addition to any garden. From lavish formal gardens to countryside gardens, their lavender is a diverse plant suitable in a variety of different landscapes.

However, if planted incorrectly or at the wrong time, the survival of the plant may be at risk. Therefore, it’s important you find the best time to plant lavender in your garden.

When is the Best Time to Plant Lavender?

The best time to plant Lavender is during the early spring during the months of April and May. This gives the plant time to establish so it can grow successfully during summer. The soil also naturally warms up during this time.

Lavender hedges should never be planted during winter months, as lavender is extremely vulnerable to the cold and freezing temperatures. Frost and wet conditions destroy lavender plants since they’re best-suited to sunnier spots and drier conditions.

As a Mediterranean plant, Lavender requires lots of sun and fertile soil in order to prosper, so ensure you pick the perfect planting site that receives plenty of sunlight in early spring. Damp conditions will damage the plant, so it’s advisable you consider this when selecting your planting site.

Other Lavender Planting Tips

Lavender thrives in moderately fertile soil that’s dry, including clay and alkaline soil.  Some species are hardier than others, so be sure that you identify the type of lavender you have.  For example, french lavender hedges are hardier and able to better to withstand drought than other species. Lavender can also grow well in potted environments, which is great if you have a smaller garden with less soil available.

If your soil is too heavy, improve your garden’s drainage by adding grit before planting the lavender and adding bonemeal to the planting site also helps. Planting on a slight mound also prevents waterlogging.

Planting lavender hedging during the early spring (April to May) is a great way to establish growth in your garden and attract wildlife all year round. Pollinators will also bring great benefits, including greater quality plants.

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