Referred to by many as ‘True Lavender’ Lavendula angustifolia is also known as English Lavender. This excellent highly fragrant evergreen plant as with all other Lavenders, is a lover of hot, sunny and dry temperatures such as can be found in most Mediterranean countries. The name was taken many hundreds of years ago from the Latin ‘lavare’ which meant to wash.

Lavender Vera has many varied uses in the garden as a low scented hedge for paths and borders. Its compact silvery grey leaves and dark blue flowers spikes which appear from July until September also make it an excellent choice for infilling parterres. The additional uses for lavenders is both long and very varied. The dried flowers can be added to baking in cakes and biscuits or in culinary dishes such as salads and sauces, the nectar makes superb honey. They make excellent cut flowers and when dried can be added to pot pourri and can also be found when dried, in items such as heat pads giving off a gentle scent when warmed. This great value shrub also attracts butterflies and bees to the garden.

This deer and rabbit resistant plant requires full sun and free draining soil in a sheltered spot but can also be grown in pots. It will grow to an approximate height of 60cm (90cm when in flower). As a hedge we recommend planting 3-5 plants per metre. Trim after flowering to keep the plant compact.

The Lavender Vera is sold as potted plants, which means they can be planted out into the garden throughout the year. They are available in a range of sizes to help provide you with the look and hedge you require.

When bought in a pot form they will be able to give you that instant effect you’re after too, all while still able to grow to their natural optimal height and width.

If you have any questions regarding the Lavender Vera then please contact our knowledgeable team, who’ll be more than happy to answer and help with your enquiries.