Scented Hedging – Hedging can appeal to more than just the visual sense and scented hedging is perhaps the best example, adding another dimension to the garden. Scent can come from the flowers or foliage, or in some cases such as Lavenders – both.

Taller evergreen hedging species with scented flowers can still offer eye level privacy and shelter to the garden as boundary hedging, filtering wind and pollution while also acting as an effective way of reducing the noise from busy roads. The best species are Osmanthus burkwoodii and the Bay Laurel hedge (Laurus nobilis).

The winter flowering Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is an interesting alternative hedge with delightfully scented pink flower cluster that appear intermittently throughout the shortest days. Several summer flowering species can also fill your garden with their scent, especially Mock Orange hedging and the various species roses for hedging, the best known being the Rugosa Roses.

We also grow a good selection of smaller scented hedges, Lavenders for hedging are always popular in a sunny spot where they may be closely spaced to produce a beautiful lower hedge, or spaced a little further apart for form a series of flowering hummocks or bumps. Rosemary also makes a delightful fragrant hedge as it also has fragrant foliage (as well as providing a fine supply of fresh foliage for the kitchen).

For a small evergreen hedge that makes a fine alternative to Box varieties, try Sweet Box hedging (Sarcococca confusa). These accommodating plants will grow in sun or shade and their highly scented winter flowers will provide a welcome distraction from the dreary dark Winter days, especially if strategically planted closed to paths of near the back door where the scent can be most appreciated.

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