Rose Sweet Briar or Rosa rubiginosa is a very pretty deciduous species of rose native to western Asia and Europe. The name Sweet Briar derived from the sweet scent of apples of the leaves which is particularly noticeable after a rain shower and the very thorny, prickly nature of its branches.

The very attractive pink flowers are highly scented and are followed by large red hips which last well into winter. Rose hip tea is extremely popular in Europe for its health giving properties such as Vitamin C.

During the Second World War a cup of Rose Hip tea was considered enough to provide the troops with their daily required intake of this essential vitamin.

The Sweet Briar rose makes an excellent dense hedge which when the arching stems become knitted together makes an almost impenetrable barrier. The delightful candy pink flowers are followed by masses of the orangey red berries which are much loved by birds.

Rose Sweet Briar is also a favourite to add to mixed country hedgerows giving an extra splash of vibrant colour in summer. This excellent rose will make a hedge of 120-200cm in height in a single row at 3 per metre or for a security hedge we recommend a staggered double row planting 5 per metre. They will grow in coastal sites and any reasonable soil including chalk. Trimming in winter is recommend to keep a neat shape.

Our Rose Sweet Briar hedging plants are sold bare rooted for planting November to March. This is also the most economical way to buy hedging plants particularly for larger planting schemes.

It can be beneficial to prepare a small area in the garden and keep it protected from snow and frost which would allow your bare root plants to be heeled in should weather or circumstances prevent planting in situ when your plants arrive. If you have any further queries about your hedging do not hesitate to contact us for additional advice.