Mock Orange Hedging

The Mock Orange (Philadelphus) is part of the Hydrangeaceae family. We stock two varieties of Mock Orange throughout the year including: Philadelphus Belle Etoile and Philadelphus Virginal. Native to North and Central America, Asia and South East Europe, these hedges produce a wonderful, citrus scent throughout June and July thanks to the white flowers blooming during this time of year.

They are a deciduous shrub that is very easy to grow, withstanding most soil types, but preferably enjoys moist and easily drained soils. It thrives well also in both sun and shade. Mock Orange hedging plants are normally grown as an informal hedge, reaching heights of six to eight feet. It works well being grown as a back of border shrub, and will need pruning once a year. We recommend pruning these hedges once the flowers have faded after flowering season. Plant the Mock Orange eighteen to twenty-four inches apart for the best results.

Take a look at the range of Mock Orange plants we currently have available below. If you have any questions about our hedges then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members on 01580 765600, or take a look at our contact page to find more ways of getting in touch.