Mock Orange Hedging

Mock orange plants, also known by floral name philadelphus mock orange is a gorgeous smelling shrub known for its scented blossoms. The flowers from this shrub appear in the late spring after the bud unravels from June to July. These philadelphus get the name mock orange due to the fact that they can get mistaken for their orange blossoms due to their appearance and orange-like scent.

The Mock Orange Plant (Philadelphus) is part of the Hydrangeaceae family. We also have the popular Philadelphus Belle Etoile and Philadelphus Virginal.

Native to North and Central America, Asia and South East Europe, these hedges produce a wonderful, citrus scent throughout June and July thanks to the white flowers blooming during this time of year.

You can grow Philadelphus mock orange plants as a hedge or as part of a larger shrub border. Each summer your garden will be lit up with the delicious fragrance and it will also tolerate most soil types.

The mock orange plant garners its powers in the month of June and July by distributing its pure white flowers among the dark green leaves, turning to a yellow colour in Autumn. With the flowers come a strong citrus scent of orange and lemon. This hedge is of a tall and vigorous variety and would look great at the back of a selection of mixed hedges or shrub border. On warmer evenings, a gentle breeze would float the fragrance through the air. These hedges are also a magnet for bees and can also be suitable for urban areas.

The blossoms themselves give the mock orange plant an exotic look, which is a reason why it is sought by people who are looking for hedging that give off more of a foreign appearance. Adding this hedge to your garden will add plenty of character to any size garden.

As beautiful as the hedge will look once bloomed, it will also attract wildlife to your garden making it look livelier than ever.
Growth Rate for Philadelphus Mock Orange
They are a deciduous shrub that is very easy to grow, withstanding most soil types, but preferably enjoys moist and easily drained soils. It thrives well also in both sun and shade. Mock Orange hedging plants are normally grown as an informal hedge, reaching heights of six to eight feet. It works well being grown as a back of border shrub, and will need pruning once a year. This plant itself has origins in the south east of Europe and Italy and grows straight upwards.
Care for your Philadelphus Mock Orange
The mock orange can grow well on a wide variety of soils, ranging from heavy clay soils to light and well drained soils. Their roots delve deep into the earth meaning they will rarely be affected by drought. When positioning these hedges, you’ll need to ensure that they are getting full sunlight or are in a partial shade position as these are the best conditions to produce the best flowers.

If you are planting a new hedge, then follow our guide to ensure your new hedge has all the chances of success.

These mock orange hedges are very frost hardy and can withstand windy conditions. When looking at purchasing shrubbery for your garden in the UK, the Philadelphus Mock Orange plant provides you with excellent weather-proof hedging.

We recommend pruning these hedges once the flowers have faded after flowering season. For hedging purposes we would recommend planting 3 per metre of hedge, or at wider spacing they make a wonderful addition to a shrub border.
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
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