Scotch Rose or Rosa spinosissima is a rather attractive deciduous shrub derived from Rosa pimpinellifolia which is native to the UK, Europe and Asia. It gained its common name from the Scottish nurserymen who were experimenting with various forms of Rosa pimpinellifolia which were then known as Scotch Roses.

It is a small highly scented shrub with single creamy-white flowers in early summer and dark almost black hips in autumn making an excellent dense thicket either as a single species hedge or as part of a mixed native hedgerow and sending up several slim but very thorny stems with fern like leaves. A hardy and tough plant it is a very reliable rose and can be used for ground cover as well as hedging and will be suitable for use on poor soil and coastal areas.

Rosa spinosissima is suitable for use on poor soil and coastal areas and if planted deeply will root out above the bud union which is useful if you have a large planting scheme. If the planting conditions are not very good it may only reach a height of 60cm however in more fertile areas it may get to 150cm. For a single row hedge we recommend 3 plants per metre or more dense cover at 5 plants per metre. Growth rate is averagely 30cm per year and trimming should take place in winter.

Scotch Rose is sent out in the months between November and March as a bare root plant which is the most economical way of planting especially if you are on a budget. The plants will have the winter months to start bedding in and then when spring arrives the plants will set down a good root system whilst leafing up and producing flowers.

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