Mock Orange (Philadelphus) Belle Etoile is an absolute favourite amongst gardeners that are looking for highly scented shrubs. A member of the Hydrangeaceae family, Mock Orange is native to North and Central America, Asia and southeast Europe. It is an easy to grow medium sized compact deciduous shrub with arching growth.

This growth becomes adorned with the most heavenly orange blossom scented single cup shaped white flowers with maroon centres throughout the months of June and July. The white flowers are further enhanced by the oval deep green leaves. Mock Orange can be grown as a single shrub within any mixed border or an as a simple delightfully fragrant informal hedge. It is a very hardy shrub tolerant of almost any moist but well drained soil in full sun or part shade.

Mock Orange Belle Etoile can grow up to 1.5 metres tall and is suitable for hedges between the heights of 100cm and 150cm. It is important to prune as soon as flowering has ceased to ensure flowering the following spring. Cut out all stems that have flowered, pruning them back to around one third in length. The shrub will then produce new stems on which it can flower the following year. You can also prune approximately one in three of the old stems near ground level to encourage new basal growth creating a denser fresher looking shrub in the following years.

These are sold as potted plants, having the benefit of convenience to our customers as planting can be carried out whenever wished, dependant on availability. Please do call our office with any questions and we will try to be of further assistance.