Variegated Box hedging plants (Buxus Sempervirens ‘Elegantissima’) make a beautiful evergreen, low height hedge that’s great for shallow borders. Like our other varieties of Box hedging plants, it is a slow growing and low maintenance plant that looks great all year. Variegated Box makes a great choice for a topiary hedge or tree as it is a beautiful specimen that can easily be trained and trimmed into most topiary shapes. It looks great against other darker hedges too, to help give your garden an illusion of depth. Variegated box hedging plants can give an effective change of colour to contrast again other green leaved hedges within a knot garden or parterre.

It has creamy white margins to the edge of its small dark green leaves making it unique amongst other varieties of Box hedging plants, making this unique. It does, however, keep within its family tradition of being a neat and compact hedge, growing no taller than four feet once fully grown – making it a great shrub for hedges of 30-120 cm in height.

Variegated Box hedging plants are suitable for all aspects from full sun to dense shade, in very shady conditions and so make it into the Hopes Grove list of hedges for dense shade. Where there is competition from larger trees and shrubs nearby it is important to keep the new hedge well-watered for the first couple of seasons until the plants are well established.

Box hedging is suitable for all soil types including clay and chalk-based soils, these are easy to grow plants, the only real dislike is for wet/waterlogged soil conditions where we would advise choosing a species from our list of Hedging Plants For Wet Sites as an alternative

Variegated Box hedging plants are best planted into well prepared soil that has had plenty of organic matter added and mixed in, well-rotted manure or garden compost are ideal. When planting it pays to add some Bone Meal as a good slow release fertiliser that will sustain your new hedge through the first season. Applying Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi when planting will get your new hedge off to a flying start.

The best time for trimming Box hedges is in early Summer, a job that was traditionally reserved for Derby Day – the first Saturday in June. If possible, choose an overcast, dry and breezy day as this will avoid scorch on the newly exposed faces of the hedge while ensuring that cut edges dry off quickly – drastically reducing the chances of fungal diseases such as Box Blight from taking hold. Trimming once a year will keep your Variegated Box hedging plants in good order, you can trim more frequently for a sharp and manicured look but we don’t advise trimming too late in the Summer because a warm wet Autumn may result in a fresh flush of soft growth that could be damaged by hard frosts and allowing diseases to enter the hedge afterwards.

The number of plants needed for a Variegated Box hedge depends on personal preference and budget, for the very smallest hedges under 40cm we do recommend a higher number of 6 plants per metre as gaps at the bottom do tend to stand out! For slightly taller hedges 4 per metre is adequate if you are patient although with this slow growing species, a higher density will produce results significantly faster.

All of our Variegated Box hedging plants are pot grown here on our nursery in Kent under the supervision of our expert horticultural team. Pot grown hedging plants are delivered to you in the pots they have been grown in ensuring there is no root disturbance, this means they may be planted at any time of year to give excellent results in your garden. We pick orders fresh from our growing beds daily, packing them carefully and despatching them to customers the same day ensuring you receive fresh, top quality plats in tip top condition.

We offer generous quantity discounts meaning the plants become cheaper when you buy more of them, if you need a large number of Box hedging plants over £1000 in value please get in touch for a special quote.

For any other questions about our Variegated Box hedging plants please call our knowledgeable sales team on 01580 765600, they will be pleased to help.