The Elaeagnus Limelight (Elaeagnus Ebbingeii Limelight) is an evergreen hedge that is large in size. It is a great hedge for brightening up a shady area, with silvery-looking leaves when young although they change colour when it matures – to an attractive yellow middle, with a green border. Their leaves will retain their silver colouring underneath the leaf, which is also scaly to touch.

They produce scented, silvery flowers in autumn followed by orange, egg shaped fruits in the spring. This plant loves to be planted in shady and coastal areas, and doesn’t mind being exposed to windy areas. The Elaeagnus Limelight prefers soil that is well drained and either loam, chalk or sand. This hedge can grow anywhere between two and a half and four metres high and the same in width, making for an excellent all year privacy hedge also, thanks to being evergreen. They do however take up to ten years to reach their highest point.

It is best to prune it once it has finished producing its fruit, so April and May are perfect for this. Pruning it during the late spring allows it to regrow and establish itself before the frosts arrive in the autumn and winter.

We’d suggest planting this evergreen shrub eighteen to twenty-four inches apart, with it being suitable for hedges of four to eight feet. We have a range of Elaeagnus Limelight plants available in pot form.

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