The Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata is a beautiful and colourful, bushy evergreen hedge. It has scaly leaves that are silver in colour, however they soon turn into a mature yet young looking vibrant yellow and green colour. It produces small, scented, white tubular flowers during the autumnal months that are followed by fruit that is small and juicy in the spring.

The Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata prefers soil that is either sand, loam, chalk or clay, but must be well drained. It can either be planted in a sunny position or where there is partial shade, and it doesn’t mind whether that is in an exposed or sheltered position. It can grow up to four metres high and between two and a half to four meters wide in two to five years, which is quicker than the rest of its family. On average, it will grow up to one foot a year. It’s best to prune these during the late spring, preferably in either April or May, once it has finished producing its fruit.

When it comes to planting the Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata we would suggest to plant it eighteen to twenty-four inches apart from one another. It works really well as an all year privacy hedge thanks to being evergreen. We have a range of Elaeagnus Pungens Maculata plants available in pot form.

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