Cherry Hedging

Cherry (Prunus) are deciduous native tree or shrubs with simple leaves. Cherry (Prunus) sees attractive scented flowers appear in the spring, followed by rich fruits in autumn. The main distinction between the Prunus trees and Prunus shrubs is that the trees form from a singular stem, whereas the shrubs sprout various branches that begin at ground level.

There are two types of Cherry plants – deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous Cherry plants bud from the stem, growing just above ground level. However, they can sometimes be complicated to root. Evergreen Cherry plants, in contrast, grow in an average fashion and are much simpler to root throughout the year.

These attractive hedging plants are well favoured by wildlife, as well as those looking to source an impressive, well-flowering shrub for their landscaping projects. Their characteristics make them suitable for all but very wet sites, meaning they are a versatile option no matter what your location is like. You can expect them to grow between 30 – 60cm (1-2ft) per year, and you can trim as required.
All of the Cherry plants we offer come from our family-owned nursery in the heart of the Kent countryside, so you can rest assured that they have all been well looked after before being delivered to your door. We deliver throughout the UK and Ireland.

Take a look at our range of beautiful Cherry plants on offer below. If you require any assistance then contact one of our specialists on 01580 765600, or find out how else you can get in touch here.

Types of Cherry Hedging

  • Bird cherry hedging and trees Prunus padus

    Cherry Bird Hedging

    Prunus padus is a small to medium native tree with long slender racemes of white almond scented flower in spring followed by black fruits which are favoured by birds.

  • Cornelian cherry hedging plants Cornus mas

    Cherry Cornelian Hedging

    This variety of Cherry Cornus mas has dark green oval leaves that turn reddish purple in autumn. Small yellow flowers appear in late winter followed by red fruits in late summer.

  • Wild cherry hedging plants and trees Prunus avium

    Cherry Wild Hedging

    Prunus avium is a large attractive woodland tree. The dark green leaves are bronze when young and turn red and yellow in autumn. Also has edible red fruits in summer.