Photinia Red Robin Hedges are one of the most colourful hedge types and one of the best-known evergreen shrubs amongst gardeners and landscapers alike. Photinia Red Robin hedging is grown for its show stopping parrot-red, glossy foliage that begins to appear in late Winter or early Spring.

Further flushes of colourful new growths are often produced later in the season, especially if the plants are trimmed during the Summer to encourage re-growth. As the foliage matures it ripens to a bronze-green colour and the plants look great in all seasons. Red Robin hedges make a fantastic addition to any garden, making them a popular choice for our customers here at Hopes Grove Nurseries.

When Photinia Red Robin hedging is grown in a sunny spot they will often produce a generous number of ivory flowers that provide added interest during mid to late Spring. This is ideal for gardeners who wish to add a touch of colour and elegance to their gardens.

Photinia Red Robin hedges also make excellent garden shrubs, especially at the back of a border and with regular trimming they can also make stunningly beautiful topiary specimens that make a perfect centrepiece or focal point.

Planting Tips for Photinia Red Robin Hedging

Photinia Red Robin hedges are extremely dense and fast-growing, generating a bushy appearance, particularly when trimmed often. In good soil, you can expect at least 30cm of growth per year, able to provide quick coverage when needed.

It’s an eye-catching hedge species that is also easily maintained at a range of sizes from 1-4 metres, excellent for taller, boundary hedges that provide more secluded, private spots and garden shelter. This can be beneficial when reducing noise and pollution in urban areas.

They will grow well in aspects from full sun to partial shade, though the red leaves receive the full benefit of the full sun. If the proposed hedge is to be planted in very shady conditions. They’re also tough and well-suited to most garden conditions but not ideal for windy and exposed sites, or very cold areas.

For the best results with a new Photinia hedge, we recommend keeping the young plants completely free of weeds for the first two years and apply a mulch to conserve valuable moisture in the first Summer while they establish.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

All of our Photinia Red Robin Hedges are grown in pots here on our nursery in Kent, dispatched directly from their growing beds to your door. Because they are grown in pots there is no root disturbance and so they may be planted at any time of year with excellent results. The plants are carefully packed and delivered to you in their pots in the highest and freshest quality. View our Feefo reviews for more information

For the past 30+ years, we’ve developed industry-leading tips and growing techniques to share with our customers. With over half a million hedge plant species grown exclusively by us across our 80-acre nursery, we know how to grow the perfect hedge plant. From crabapple hedges, dogwood hedges to Escallonia hedging and more.

Should you have any questions about our Photinia Red Robin hedges, our planting experts are on hand to help.  Simply get in touch and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you have.