Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants are one of the most colourful hedge species and certainly one of the best-known evergreen shrubs. Photinia shrubs are grown for their showstopping parrot red glossy young foliage that starts to appear very early in late Winter or Early Spring. This evergreen hedge then continues to provide a vibrant display into early summer and is a shrub that is very deserving of its continued popularity, Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is one of our most popular evergreen plants at Hopes Grove Nurseries.

Further flushes of colourful new growths are often produced later in the season, especially if the plants are trimmed during the Summer to encourage re-growth. As the foliage matures it ripens to a bronze-green colour and the plants look good in all seasons.

When Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants are grown in a sunny spot they will often produce a generous number of ivory flowers, borne in large rounded corymbs providing added interest during mid to late Spring.

Photinia has a bushy habit of growth, even more so when trimmed and so makes an excellent hedge that is also quite fast growing. In good soil you can expect at least 30cm per year, sometimes more making Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants an excellent choice for an eye-catching hedge species that will give coverage quite quickly while still being easy to maintain and so makes it into our list of Low Maintenance Hedges. Photinia hedges can be maintained easily at a range of sizes from 1-4 metres making them suitable for taller boundary hedges that will provide complete privacy as well as shelter in the garden. As an evergreen hedging species Photinia can also provide noise reduction from traffic and as with all dense hedges –  help filter pollution.

Photinias also make excellent garden shrubs, especially at the back of a border and with regular trimming they can also make stunningly beautiful topiary specimens with a richness of colour not seen in other topiary species. (especially standards or ‘lollipops’) – perfect as a centre piece or focal point.

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants will grow well in aspects from full sun to partial shade, the red colour of the new growths is however always at its best with the benefit of full sun. If the proposed hedge is to be planted in very shady conditions, we would recommend consulting our page of Hedges For Dense Shade for inspiration. Photinia hedges.

These are tough and hardy evergreen shrubs well suited to most garden situations although they are not ideal for very windy and exposed sites, or very cold areas. Here we would suggest you take a look at our Recommended Hedges For Windy And Exposed Sites.

Photinia hedging is best grown in a good well drained garden soil, they don’t thrive in poorly drained and waterlogged situations, in this case we would suggest an alternative species from our list of Hedges For Wet Sites. Photinia hedging is suitable for both clay and chalk-based soils, in all cases they really do benefit from good soil preparation with the incorporation of a generous quantity of organic matter such as garden compost or well-rotted manure. The material that you choose to improve the soil should be well mixed. When planting we would also recommend mixing in some bone meal which is an excellent low cost organic fertiliser. Rootgrow added at planting time will also get your new Photinia hedge off to a flying start.

For the best results with a new Photinia hedge we recommend keeping the young plants completely free of weeds for the first two years and apply a mulch to conserve valuable moisture in the first Summer while they establish.

If you are looking for some guidance to help with preparation and planting we have a useful How To Plant A Hedge page that you may like to refer to, here you can find detailed and easy to follow instructions and you can download the PDF. We also email these instructions with your order confirmation and also send a printed copy in with your plants when they are delivered so its handy to refer to.

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants are best trimmed in late winter or early Spring, as mentioned earlier you may like to give them a further trim during the Summer to encourage a fresh crop of bright red young growth after the first flush has faded. Its best not to trim too late in the season (after August) as this can sometimes result in a flush of soft new growth late in the Autumn that is susceptible to frost damage.

Photinia hedges can be maintained as sharp formal hedges with regular trimming, or left as a more informal and rounded screen. In either case they make a beautiful addition to the garden. Like many evergreen hedges, Photinias can be cut back hard and rejuvenated in early spring if they have become overgrown and they respond very well to this treatment. We recommend applying an evergreen fertiliser and a generous mulch at the same time to hasten re growth.

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants don’t generally suffer from pests and diseases making this species a true low maintenance hedge. Occasionally they can suffer from leaf loss during Winter, the leaves often having purple or brown spots on them before they drop. This is a physiological problem and not a pest or disease. The cause is usually stress caused either by competing weeds, poor soil, lack of moisture during the growing season or a very wet Winter resulting in waterlogged soil. Usually the plants will recover the following season, helped with a feed in Spring when growth starts.

If the Spring weather is particularly cold and Windy, the red new growth can sometimes be damaged although this is not common. The plants will recover with new growth within a few weeks and no long-term harm is done.

All of our Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants are grown in pots here on our nursery in Kent, Despatched directly from their growing beds to your door. Because they are grown in pots there is no root disturbance and so they may be planted at any time of year with excellent results. The plants are carefully packed and delivered to you in their pots.

(We prefer not to sell larger Photinia as root ball hedging plants as the shock of transplanting often causes them to ‘moult’ many leaves in the Spring after planting, sometimes this leaves unsightly bare branches that are hesitant to re leaf lower down and so overall, the result can be rather disappointing. We do usually have larger pot grown specimens in stock)

The number of plants needed for a Photinia hedge depends on the plant size that you choose, how patient you are and your preferred budget. For the small starter plants in 9cm pots we recommend 4-5 per metre, 3 per metre for 2 and 3 litre pots and 2 per metre for the largest sizes. You can of course use fewer plants and still get excellent results with Photinia hedging, it just takes longer.

Delivery is free on most orders over £50 (ex VAT) and we offer generous quantity discounts on our Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ hedging plants, if you need a large quantity of plants over £1000 please get in touch for a tailored quote with extra discount.

For any other questions about Photinia, or any of our other hedging plants please do call our experienced sales team on 01580 765600, they will be pleased to help.