A really colourful new evergreen plant, Photinia fraseri Louise is a special type of Red Robin with extra colours not seen before. Growth is neat, tidy and upright, the shrubs need no special treatment or care to keep them looking their best. Just the occasional trim or prune (usually in late Spring) if you want to encourage more of the colourful new growth later in the season and to keep the plants looking bushy although they will often produce these on their own!

Photinia fraseri Louise is naturally upright, neat and bushy – a big improvement on previous variegated types. This is a great plant for brightening shrub beds or mixed borders or would look divine in a large container. All Photinia are suitable for topiary and this one could certainly turn a few heads if clipped into an imaginative shape. You could certainly grow a very eyecatching evergreen hedge with this variety, few hedging plants would give so much colour all year round. With an ultimate height of around 200cm its big enough to give privacy as a taller hedge or small enough to be a more moderately sized decorative hedge feauture from 80cm upwards – perfect!

Photinia like well drained soil conditions and Photinia Louise is no exception, otherwide they will grow in any ordinary garden soil and they tolerate conditions of full sun or partial shade – although the colouration will always be best in full sun.

How to grow Photinia fraseri Louise

Position: Sun or partial shade
Foliage: Evergreen shrub, leaves stay on the shrub all year.
Soil and site: Any well drained soil.
Flowering time: May and June
Growth rate: moderate/fast
Ultimate height and spread 300cm high x 200cm wide.
Hardiness: Fully hardy.
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and for the first season. Prune or trim in late Spring to encourage more of the colourful new growth.