Cotoneasters are some of the most versatile and easy to grow shrubs, the ground cover species being widely used extremely successfully with their dense evergreen spreading nature suppressing the weeds as well as being attractive.

Cotoneaster is a member of the Rosaceae family, its ground cover cultivars being perfect and welcome additions to any garden with their vigorous creeping and arching habit being covered in rich evergreen small leaves. A profusion of petite creamy white flowers are produced from spring to autumn when colourful long lasting prolific berries appear giving varied and delightful interest throughout the year enjoyed not only by humans but the birds and bees.

These valued shrubs will grow in any well drained soil, sun or shade making them so versatile to cover difficult areas in the garden. They generally adapt extremely well to the conditions with some varieties having a little more height to them such as Cotoneaster Coral Beauty (Cotoneaster x suecicus ‘Coral Beauty’), a mound forming variety which can grow up to 60cm.

Cotoneasters can, if planted near a wall, cascade down over its side adding charming interest, further dimension and another focal point within the garden. A very low growing variety, whose stems root in place, making it a fabulous shrub not only for its ground covering qualities but a very useful shrub for stabilising banks of soil is, Cotoneaster Dammeri, where it can spread up to 2.5 metres in time with its prostrate growth habit providing a fantastic evergreen mat of up to around 50cm height.