Pittosporum Hedging

These very popular evergreen shrubs are prized for their attractive evergreen foliage that contrasts with the characteristic black stems. Use them for hedges, back of border shrubs or even ground cover.

Types of Pittosporum Hedging

Versatile, bushy evergreen shrubs used for hedges, ground cover and as a valuable year-round source of evergreen foliage for floristry. All require well drained soil in full sun or partial shade, they also grow very well by the coast. In colder areas they may require some protection in the winter during harsh weather. Pittosporums make excellent hedges in milder areas and should be trimmed in spring or summer. ‘Golf Ball’ and ‘Tom Thumb’ are significantly lower growing varieties suitable for hedges of up to a metre or so, other varieties can be kept as hedges from 1-3 metres.