Pittosporums originate from the coastal regions of New Zealand and this particular variety Pittosporum Golden Ball is a superb new variety. Ever increasing in popularity bringing architectural interest and structure in many ways to any garden from a formal town or city garden to a rustic cottage garden this species is becoming a fashionable “must” for gardeners! If your treasured Box hedge has been destroyed by box blight or the dreaded hungry Box Tree caterpillar, you need look no further for an excellent alternative in Pittosporum tenuifolium Golden Ball hedging.

With a very compact habit, this bushy mounded evergreen hedge naturally reaches its rounded pin cushion shape with very little or no pruning. Although a low shrub, it is a vigorous grower developing a very dense multi stemmed shape with its striking slender black stems covered in glossy golden and lime green oval leaves, an excellent asset to any garden. There are many discrete chocolate purple flowers produced in late spring / early summer drawing a wide array of bees and butterflies.

Being so versatile, Pittosporum Golden Ball is ideal for foundation planting, used as a specimen to add structure and architectural interest, it can be grown as a hedge with a ‘cloud’ or ‘pom pom’ effect, topiarised to create a feature or punctuation points and is also excellent for container and patio planting. It is a seriously low maintenance plant that does not become “leggy” therefore requiring little if no pruning but can tolerate heavy pruning which should be done in late spring if so required. It can reach 80cm by 80cm in time.

Pittosporum tenuifolium Golden Ball hedging can be planted in full sun or partial shade, but the leaf colour will be more vibrant in full sun. Pittosporum ‘Golden Ball’ tolerates a wide variety of conditions but prefers well drained soil. It can be susceptible to frost injury and does not do well in cold drying winds so may need thoughtful planting and winter protection.

These plants are sold as a potted plant and can be planted at any time of year subject to availability. We would recommend planting between 3 and 4 plants per meter to produce a nice hedge or good ground cover.

To obtain the best possible hedge, the ground preparation is important. Dig the site over well, clearing all weed and grass from the area you are planting. Please do look at the section on the website “How to plant a Hedge” where you will find a lot of helpful information on the planting of your new hedge / shrub.

We recommend the use of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and Bonemeal fertiliser when planting giving the plants a head start and encouraging strong healthy growth.