Further Information about Pittosporum Tenuifolium Abbotsbury Gold Hedging

This versatile, attractive evergreen shrub is ideal for milder areas, especially coastal locations, they thrive in fertile, well drained, but moist soil and full sun or partially shaded spots. Shelter would be advisable if you choose to grow the Pittosporum in the colder more exposed parts of the UK.

The younger leaves on the Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Abbotsbury Gold’ hedging have a small leathery look with green and yellow colouring, maturing to a beautiful green with hints of gold, complimented by the black stems, the immaculate foliage is joined by inconspicuous dark purple flowers in late spring, early summer providing a hint of honey scent on a warmer evening.

‘Abbotsbury Gold’ is one of the larger varieties, with the optimum height being 150cm to 200cm, but slowly can mature to 300cm in height over a longer period of years. The bushy growing habit means the plant can have a width spread of approximately 150cm when established.

Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Abbotsbury Gold’ hedging benefits from a light trim in spring if needed, as a dense variety this is not always needed, only to re shape and maintain, trimming any damaged or rogue branches.

Although the dense growing habit of the Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Abbotsbury Gold’ is ideal for hedging and creating a privacy barrier it can also look attractive in a border as a specimen plant, the foliage is often used by florists in larger floral decorations, as it is long lasting kept in water. In the last century Cornish Farmers were known to grow it as a cash crop alongside fields of Daffodils.

Ensuring a good start for your Pittosporum we recommend Bonemeal fertiliser and Rootgrow mycorrhyzal fungi when planting, this gives plants an encouraging start enhancing strong root growth.

Rootgrow should be put in contact with the roots of the plant when planting while Bonemeal should be mixed with the soil that is used to backfill around the plant. The useful guide to planting on the how to plant a hedge website page will help with further helpful advice on how to prepare your planting area. A full colour copy of the planting instructions will be despatched along with your plant order.

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