The greyish green leaves with a delicate wavy cream edging, make the eye-catching foliage of the Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ standout from other common evergreen shrubs. New leaves appear and are pure white in colour before taking on the usual colouring of grey, green and cream leaves. In the winter the cream edging on the leaves takes on a pinkish tinge, which gives the plant an alternative appearance. The stems as with other species of Pittosporum are black in colour with a wiry effect. All of these features make the foliage a first choice for florists and floral crafts.

Ideally Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ hedging should be planted in fertile, well-drained soil, keep moisture high within the first year of planting, while the roots are establishing, but not so much the ground is sodden.

The leaves are enhanced with tiny purple flowers during the months of May and June sweet in scent they make a great addition to any hedge or border that the Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ are being used for, enhancing the chance of wildlife within your garden.

The Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ hedging thrives once established, with little help, a light trim in the spring will tidy up any wandering branches, this larger shrub can reach a height of 4 metres and can have a spread of up to 2.5 metres.

Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ hedging is a practical and popular choice for coastal area hedging due to its dislike of colder areas, the density is an ideal choice for a screening hedge.

To ensure a good start for your Pittosporum tenifolium ‘Variegatum’ we recommend that the planting area is cleared of all weeds and the ground cultivated well. Bonemeal fertiliser and Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi when planting gives plants an encouraging start enhancing strong root growth.

Rootgrow should come into direct contact with the roots of the plant when planting while bonemeal should be well mixed with the soil that is used to backfill around the plant. There is a useful guide to planting on the how to plant a hedge website page, we also send a colour copy of the planting instructions with your plant delivery to give your new Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Variegatum’ hedge a great start.

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