When to Trim a Beech Hedge?

The best time for trimming Beech hedges is in late summer, ideally in August. By trimming at this time of year the hedge will respond by retaining its leaves through the Winter giving the effective year-round screen that is often sought from this species.

When to trim a Beech hedge

For a really sharp ‘show garden’ hedge you can trim more frequently and you will be rewarded with a very fine looking dense hedge but it important to check for nesting birds before trimming between the end of March and the end of July.

When trimming a Beech (or any other hedge) we would always recommend tapering the sides a little so that the base of the hedge is slightly wider than the top. This way daylight will always reach the lower parts of the hedge keeping the growth dense and bushy all the way up and avoiding unsightly gaps at the base.