How Quickly Does a Beech Hedge Grow?

The growth rate of Beech hedges can be highly influenced by growing conditions and area of planting, that can influence the level of maintenance and pruning that’s required. So, what is the beech hedge growth rate?

An established Beech hedge has an average growth rate of around 30-60cm per year but reaches a maximum of 5m plus once mature. This is an average-fast rate of growth compared to other plants. Do note that in its first year after planting, the hedge’s rate of growth is likely to be much slower while the roots become established, after which, it will grow robustly and with vigour. Beech hedges can be pruned regularly without fear of causing the beech hedge to become sparse. See more about how to trim a beech hedge for additional details.

The question of how quickly does Beech hedging grow is an important one to consider. This means you that you should factor in maintenance and pruning of your new hedge when choosing the right plant for your needs. Fortunately, Beech is such a versatile plant, it can be kept as low as 60cm or you can let it grow to its full potential of 5m or more.

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