Green Beech or Fagus Sylvatica is a popular choice in Stewardship and Mixed Native hedgerows as it is a leaf retaining plant therefore through the winter months will give a little cover when the other deciduous varieties have dropped their leaves. In the UK we are noted worldwide for our rich heritage of Native Stewardship hedgerows and as the name suggests these are comprised of a mix of indigenous species which complement our landscape as well as being a valuable habitat for wildlife including birds, bees and other insects, butterflies and dormice.

Stewardship mixes are used by the landowner to define boundaries either new or existing and for stock proofing. Green Beech can be part of such a mix with its beautiful green foliage in the spring, opening alongside the small clusters of flowers, through the summer months then in autumn the foliage of Green Beech gradually turns to a beautiful coppery colour to be retained throughout the winter and the fruits or Beech Mast ripen into triangular shaped nuts inside a spiky seed case as sustenance for wildlife.

Green Beech would form a minor part of the mix and could either be trimmed as a hedge along with other species or left to grow dotted along the hedgerow, as some farmers prefer to, into a spectacular specimen tree. Fagus Sylvatica will thrive in an area where the soil is well-drained even thinner chalky soils as it will not tolerate wet sites. Green Beech is also useful in an area bordering a road or close to the coast as it will tolerate both pollution from traffic and salt air from the sea.

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