Most hedges are planted to enclose livestock, define boundaries or delineate areas and have been in existence as long as humans have been clearing woodland to provide areas of agricultural land. Hedgerows are a key feature of our landscapes with many a mixed native hedgerow seen along roads and in fields.

Most of these types of hedgerows traditionally have a mix of native species including Rosa Canina commonly known as Dog Rose providing attractive bursts of usually pale pink, but can occasionally be white or darker pink, flowers from June to August followed by a superb show of glossy bright red hips throughout the autumn months.

For a time hedges were grubbed out by farmers to increase productivity and yield from the farmland but in recent years the loss of hedges is being reversed as their importance within our environment has been recognised. The Stewardship Scheme has been set up providing financial incentives to help encourage repatriation of hedges providing widespread environmental benefits.

Dog Rose (Rosa Canina) is an important part of this as, not only does it provide interest with it pretty flowers and striking hips peeking out of the hedgerow, it is a great source of shelter and food for wildlife attracting bees, butterflies, moths, birds and small mammals which can all aid in the pollination of crops and the eating of some unwanted pests! The hips are not only popular with wildlife but with humans being an excellent source of vitamin C, the hips are superb for making rose hip syrup, tea and marmalade especially useful during the Second World War!  

Dog Rose is a hardy deciduous fast-growing scrambling rose, with incredibly prickly arching stems covered with dark green leaves over the summer months, the curved thorns helping to grip as it weaves between other varieties using them for support. These prickly stems are also very useful in deterring intruders!

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