For several thousand years man has placed boundaries, more often than not in the form of hedges, around the land he cleared for agriculture. Various species of plants are used for their sustainability, one of which is Field Maple (Acer Campestre) our only native maple tree or shrub.

It is a deciduous tree and is with a reasonable growth rate usually seen in the hedgerows as a shrub since it responds really well to being pruned and will regrow with many, vigorous shoots, but also can be left to grow into an established tree within that hedgerow. As with many other hedgerow plants Field Maple tolerates most soils even moist soil as long as it is well drained and as a young plant is very shade tolerant, hence it seeds well under existing plants but as it ages it prefers more light. The wood of Field Maple is quite tough and is sometimes used in furniture making, flooring and wood turning although for these purposes it is relatively slow growing so does not feature hugely in those industries. The flowers are produced in spring along with the yellow-green foliage again as part of sustainable stewardship hedgerow planting attracting insects for the pollen and nectar as part of the eco system. The nature of a Stewardship hedge will define the local landscape and this is why it is quite important to use native species such as Field Maple in the mix which is usually planted as a double staggered row of between 5-7 plants per metre.

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