Pleached Japanese Privet is easy to grow in any reasonable garden soil, waterlogged sites are the only situation to avoid as these handsome screening trees do appreciate reasonable drainage for best results. They make a great pleached tree in confined spaces as the roots are not invasive allowing them to be planted closer to structures and buildings with more confidence than is possible with many other species of pleached trees. They give high level privacy above the height of a garden fence, but without taking much room at lower level in the garden. You can plant them at 120cm centres (so the bamboo frames touch), or set them further apart (up to 2 metres or so) and let them ‘meet’ as they grow.

Our pleached Ligustrum Japonicum trees are sometimes available as root ball specimens for delivery in season from November-March which is the correct time for planting although we usually supply potted specimens that can be planted out at any time of year.

Pleached Ligustrum Japonicum trees are best planted with rootgrow to give them the best start, its also a good idea to add plenty of good quality garden compost or well-rotted farmyard manure at planting time (well mixed with the surrounding soil). They also benefit from a generous layer of bark chippings or a similar organic mulch to retain moisture and discourage weeds in the early years after planting.

Because of the size of our Pleached Ligustrum Japonicum trees (they are too tall for any courier delivery service!) all our Pleached Trees are delivered by our own transport, direct to you straight from our nursery. We usually use our own Land Rover and trailer and will always call you to arrange a mutually convenient day first. Delivery is still free for these beautiful trees but as they require a more bespoke approach to delivery, and we do need a minimum order of £1500 (ex VAT) to cover our costs. (We can often deliver smaller orders with a contribution towards delivery, please do call our sales team on 01580 765600 or take a look at our delivery page)

Pleached Japanese Privet trees are available for delivery to addresses in mainland England and Wales.