London Plane

A city slicker but equally happy in the country, these handsome and stately pleached trees are an excellent choice for those wishing to gain screening and privacy in more built-up areas or where garden boundaries back on to roads as they are super resilient to pollution and act as a highly effective filter.

These lovely deciduous trees have large, slightly leathery emerald green lobed leaves that look similar to those of a sycamore, followed by unusual small round spiky green fruits that grow in gently hanging clusters. London Plane (Platanus x hispanica) trees sport beautiful architectural multi coloured bark that is olive green through to grey and has a camouflage effect as it delicately peels away to reveal the different coloured layers. This versatile and hardy species will happily grow in almost any condition in full sun or partial shade, in most soils including, coastal, exposed, polluted or damp sites so are an ideal choice for planting in more challenging locations where other pleached trees may not fare so well

Fast growing, Pleached London Plane Trees are an excellent solution for bringing structure and height to your garden and provide privacy and screening with their attractive foliage. Perfect as a backdrop to border planting or to frame the top of a fence or wall to give additional privacy, they can also create a wonderful frame to edge driveways or to define different areas of the garden. London Plane pleached trees are generally low maintenance, but they do require occasional pruning. Late winter to early spring being the best time to thin out any overgrown branches or to remove any dead or diseased growth. These trees are available as pot grown specimens for delivery all year round on our nursery and can be planted throughout the year.

Our Pleached London Plane trees are all supplied as an espalier shape, meaning the young branches have been trained horizontally in layers on their bamboo frame. When planting all new Pleached London Plane trees we strongly recommend adding rootgrow to give them the best start in your garden, it’s also a good idea to add plenty of good quality compost or well-rotted farmyard manure (well mixed with the soil). Full and easy to follow planting instructions are supplied with all orders including a hard copy for you to have handy.

Because of the size of our Pleached Trees (they are too tall for any courier delivery service!), all are delivered by our own transport, direct to you straight from our nursery. We usually use our own Land Rover and trailer and will always call you to arrange a mutually convenient day first. Delivery is still free for these beautiful trees but as they require a more bespoke approach to delivery we do require a minimum order of £1500 (ex VAT) to cover our costs. (We can often deliver smaller orders with a delivery charge based on mileage, please do call our sales team on 01580 765600 or take a look at our delivery page)

Pleached London Plane trees are available for delivery to addresses in mainland England and Wales.

London Plane Fresh Pleached Potted Pleached Trees 120cm Wide x 140cm High

  • 180cm Stem

  • Minimum order quantity: 1
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  • Overall Height
  • Trellis Size
    120cm Wide x 140cm High
  • Clear Stem
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