How High Can I Grow My Hedge?

Legislation states that your hedge may be up to 2 metres tall – but there are additional factors to consider.

There have been a number of high profile cases over the years where homeowners have let hedges (often Leylandii) become very large to the point that their neighbours have been deprived of light and enjoyment of their own property.

This lead to the development of the High Hedges legislation in 2003 which offers affected homeowners a route of complaint to their local council. If the council considers that the complaint is justified, they can take enforcement action although this only happens where all other reasonable courses of action have failed.

This legislation forms part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act and enables local councils to take and manage complaints in relation to hedge height – but only if it is believed that all reasonable steps have been taken without their involvement.

It states that a complaint is likely to be taken seriously if your hedge is:

  • Growing on land owned or occupied by someone else.
  • Made up of a line of 2 or more trees or shrubs.
  • Mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen.
  • More than 2 metres tall.
  • A barrier to light or access (even if there are gaps) (Source)

If you have an overgrown Leylandii hedge in need of some attention, take a look at our guide for how to reduce the height of a Leylandii tree today. Or take a look at our Knowledge Base for other hedge-specific information.