Ornamental Birch Trees can be used with spectacular effect if used as a potted plant at functions such as weddings with their light canopied crowns of thin twiggy branches sitting above the eye-catching bark.

These relatively fast growing hardwood trees have the most stunning and unique decorative bark characteristically marked with lenticels, often peeling, giving texture and interest that is not seen in the bark of many trees. The bark colour of Birch is especially beautiful and depends on the cultivar chosen, varying from the exceptionally striking pristine white bark of the Birch Jacquemontii (Betula utilis ‘Jacquemontii’) also known as Himalayan Birch to pink, copper, deep reddish or a rich glossy brown giving the most fantastic winter impact.

They are delightful in spring when the young green leaves, remaining small when fully developed, emerge from delicate branches along with catkins that hang and sway in the wind. Birches, commonly known as a pioneer species, are easily grown and are very hardy trees,

accepting all conditions from moist to shallow dry chalk sites, making ornamental Birch trees an easy choice for any larger garden.

The pale fine grained wood has many uses, furniture making, plywood to name just a couple. It is an excellent firewood, some cultivators have denser wood than others making them a better choice as a firewood.

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