Eucalyptus Trees (Eucalyptus gunnii) Cider Gum Tree

A magnificent and fast growing evergreen tree with vivid glaucous blue rounded foliage that is especially colourful on younger growth. In late summer  attractive clusters of white flowers appear on established trees, this is a great plant to bring a splash of colour into the garden.

Grow Eucalyptus trees in any good, well drained soil that doesnt dry out completely in summer (on thinner soils add a generous quantity of organic matter at planting time, well mixed. together with a mulch after planting). They grow best in conditions of full sun or partial shade. Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia and so prefer a sheltered spot away from the harshest winter weather but otherwise this is a very easy tree to grow. (if the trees are damaged by cold winter conditions they will almost always re grow from further down the trunk).

The young foliage of Eucalyptus trees is very popular with flower arrangers, it makes a great foil for many colours in arrangements. If the plants are pruned back to restrict their size then ample amounts of this valuable foliage will be produced. This also makes the colourful Cider Gum Tree suitable for more modestly sized gardens where its silvery blue foliage will look great against the bright colours of flowers and perennials.

Mature Eucalyptus Trees can attain a height of 12 metres or more after 20 years, when pruned as a shrub each springthis can be reduced to 3-4 metres making them worthy of consideration for gardens of a more modest size.

Our Eucalyptus Trees are all grown in pots making them ideal for planting at any time of year because their is no root distrurbance. When planting them we always recommend adding rootgrow to the planting hole to give your new tree the very best start.