The Cotoneaster Dammeri, also known as Bearberry Cotoneaster, is a great ground covering plant that is evergreen. It is recognisable by its dark green leaves as well as its clusters of tiny white flowers during the spring and summer, which then turn into the most beautiful purple, red and black coloured berries, providing food for insects and wildlife.

It works really well at stabilising banks of soil, because it can lay down its roots quickly.

It is also a really easy plant to grow, as it is well suited for most soils, no matter if it is in shade or sunlight. The Cotoneaster Dammeri makes a great plant to suppress weeds or to grow on walls to create a feature, much like the other plants in the Cotoneaster family.

It likes well drained soil and soil that is either, clay, chalk, loam or sand. It can grow up to half a metre in height and up to two and a half metres in width, but does take anywhere between ten to twenty years to grow to its full potential.

We would recommend planting, in every square metre, four plants. If you want better coverage then plant six plants per square metre or, for a fantastic carpet of Cotoneaster Dammeri, plant between nine and twelve plants per square metre. It is best to prune in spring once the frosts have finished, and before new growth starts to sprout. This will help reduce frost damage and any trimming evidence, as the new growth will cover this. Cotoneaster Dammeri plants are available as top quality pot grown specimens for planting at any time of year. For more information on our this plant or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.