Geranium Phaeum Album or Dusky Cranesbill is a superb ground cover variety of Geranium or cranesbill in the Geraniaceae family. Unlike many plants it is perfect for those shady areas of the garden which may be difficult to plant.

It is one species of a genus of many found in southern, central and western Europe growing in most soils as long as the ground is not waterlogged. Cranesbill refers to the mechanism used for seed dispersal as the pod resembles the beak of a crane, projecting the ripe seeds quite a distance when it springs open. The foliage which will spread to form an effective weed suppress carpet, has attractive chocolate coloured markings which contrasts superbly with the perfect small white flowers and makes for a brilliant border plant, in rose beds or as a woodland plant since it stands out dramatically with the virginal white blooms. It will also sit very well with planting under trees.

To cover a large area with Geranium Phaeum Album we would recommend planting anywhere between 4-12 plants per metre, the denser you plant the better cover will be attained more quickly. Although not exciting plants when not in flower, they provide staple cover in difficult areas of the garden and if dead-headed the pretty white flowers which burst forth in abundance in June will continue to flourish intermittently until autumn. Occasionally if the plants grow prolifically, and they are very easy to grow, then they can be split to keep them under control.

Dusky Cranesbill is pot grown which means it may be planted throughout the year with no trauma to the root system and so will establish quite quickly. The plants will be fine if all cannot go in at the same time, they just need to be kept watered.

Any questions you may have with regards to Geranium Phaeum Album can be addressed to one of our team by phone and we will be happy to help.