Hypericum Calycinum is a low growing evergreen shrub often going by the name of the Rose of Sharon, a name used for varying plants in different parts of the world with very little reference to an actual rose. The name Sharon is taken from the Plain of Sharon in Israel and is referenced for the first time in English in the early 17th century in the King James Bible, however none of the plants with the name appear to have originated in the Levant let alone be mentioned as such in the Bible. Hypericum Calycinum grows profusely in the Strandja mountains along the Bulgarian and Turkish Black Sea coast as well as southwest Asia. As an evergreen, woody shrub it can provide perfect ground cover carpeting difficult, dry and shady areas of the garden. The dark green foliage contrasts superbly with the large star shaped golden yellow flowers that appear in succession throughout the summer and autumn.

Shady banks and around larger shrubs and trees are perfect sites for growing Hypericum Calycinum as once established it will quite easily colonise shady, dry and difficult areas and will tolerate most reasonable, well-drained soil growing to about 30cm. It can be trimmed back in spring to encourage new foliage and more extensive flowering.

As pot grown plants, Hypericum Calycinum can be planted out in these difficult areas any time of year and should establish easily if ground preparation is done well, as the roots will not be disturbed.

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