Vinca Major Variegata Ground Cover

Vinca Major Variegata (Variegated Greater Periwinkle)

The glossy green foliage is blotched and margined with creamy white giving extra interest, purple blue flowers. A tough and reliable ground cover, especially in the shade of larger plants.

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  • Vinca Major Variegata

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 Vinca Major Variegata also known as the Variegated Big Leaf Periwinkle or Variegated  Greater Periwinkle is a fantastic evergreen shrub with a little more interest than Vinca major , adding a touch more lightness and colour when covering larger areas with ground cover. Major Variegata, a cultivar of the genus Vinca part of the Apocynaceae family is a mat forming trailing evergreen perennial vine.

The slender arching stems of this carpet forming plant are covered with glossy green showy foliage blotched and margined with creamy white, larger than the Vinca minor types. A succession of colourful pretty violet blue flowers, nestling in and amongst the stunning creamy edged variegated leaves, emerge in spring and then intermittently through to autumn, providing a delightful display.

Not only an excellent plant for shady areas where very little else will grow, it can be planted in containers or in hanging baskets for the patio and around buildings where its flower colour will be brighter in the full sun. This ground hugging vine plant, rooting along the stems, forms a dense but attractive mass, is an excellent plant for binding soil and is therefore excellent for planting on banks. This cultivar has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit for it reliable performance, colour also having good resistance to pests and diseases.

Vinca Major Variegata is a tough fast growing, to about 45cm, drought tolerant vine, happy in full sun, partial shade and full shade in any reasonable soil. It is not necessary to deadhead and best to divide or trim in early spring or late autumn.

If availability allows, these plants are potted and can be despatched year round. Please contact us with any further questions you may have and we will do our best to help.