Vinca Minor Bowles Variety Ground Cover

Beautiful azure blue flowers nestled amongst the small glossy deep green leaves. This beautiful smaller Vinca makes an excellent weed supressing carpet, especially for difficult dry areas where few other plants will grow.

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  • Vinca Minor Bowles Variety

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Periwinkle Minor Bowles Variety is a cultivar of the species Periwinkle or Vinca Minor also going by the name of lesser or dwarf periwinkle. Native to central and southern Europe from Portugal north to the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and east to parts of Turkey, the name Vinca is derived from the Latin word vincire meaning to bind as in Roman times the creeping vines were used to make wreaths. Grown as ground cover, Periwinkle Minor Bowles variety provides a very effective evergreen weed suppressing ground cover in the garden throughout the year with masses of beautiful azure blue flowers nestling amongst the foliage from spring until summer, and very occasionally until autumn but less prolific. The leaves of Periwinkle Minor Bowles Variety are significantly smaller than the Greater Periwinkle, Vinca major. It can be quite invasive as the trailing stems will root where they touch the ground, so it is best planted in larger gardens in areas where little maintenance is required or in spring controlling the growth by digging up any roots where they are not required. The plant can be trimmed in winter to tidy up any dead stems and leaf fall to encourage new growth in spring.

Vinca Minor Bowles Variety, sometimes called Bowles Blue or La Grave, will form a low carpet of growth up to about 10cm so is very useful if low growing ground cover is required. As with most varieties of Vinca or Periwinkle, Bowles Variety is a hardy, easy to establish plant which once rooted will be very drought tolerant. It can grow in any reasonable soil in full sun or partial shade so is very versatile giving early colour to the garden to attract insects.

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