A weed suppressing ground cover plant Periwinkle Minor Gertrude Jekyll is an eye-catching variety of this ground cover plant with glistening pure white flowers set against the deep green foliage. Giving all year interest as it is evergreen and being very prolific in growth makes it suitable for areas of the garden that are difficult to plant as it will grow well in full sun and shade and is tolerant of drought once established. The Latin name of Vinca Minor Gertrude Jekyll refers to vincire or binding as the trailing stems were used to make wreaths.

The common names of lesser and dwarf Periwinkle are indicative of the size of the plant and its foliage as the leaves are significantly smaller than those of Greater Periwinkle varieties. Native to countries from the Baltic States south to Portugal and east to parts of Turkey it is now naturalised in parts of America sometimes being referred to there as creeping myrtle.

Once established, Periwinkle Minor Gertrude Jekyll will grow abundantly to cover a barren area however care needs to be taken that it does not overwhelm other planting as the stems will root into the soil when they connect with the ground, thus spreading their foliage far and wide.

Only growing to a height of about 10cm Vinca Minor Gertrude Jekyll will provide a sea of colour in spring when the virginal white flowers appear giving contrast to the glossy green leaves. This will encourage early insects for pollination around the garden and continue through the summer and occasionally through into autumn. A fast grower once established Periwinkle Minor Gertrude Jekyll can be trimmed back in winter to get rid of dead stems and foliage and to encourage more new growth in spring.

Vinca Minor Gertrude Jekyll can be planted at any time of the year as it is pot grown and we recommend planting between 4-12 plants per metre depending on budget, cover required and most importantly patience.

Any questions you may wish to ask with reference to Periwinkle Minor Gertrude Jekyll can be answered by phoning one of our team we will be only too pleased to help.