Elaeagnus Ebbingeii hedging is a beautiful evergreen shrub that grows large in size. They are identified by their sea green and grey looking leaves, which have a silver scaly underside to them. They produce small fragrant white flowers during the Autumn months which are then followed by bright orange fruits in the Spring.

They like to be planted in exposed sites, in particular, windy and coastal sites where they can flourish, but sadly they do not like cold conditions. They can be planted in either chalk, loam, clay or sand, so long as the soil is kept moist and well drained, although they can tolerate dry soils. Plus they adore sunlight, so are great for gardens with a lot of sun exposure.

In five to ten years Elaeagnus Ebbingeii hedges can reach their max height of four metres, and can spread in width anywhere between two and a half to four metres wide if left untrimmed. When it comes to pruning, it is best to cut back this hedge during the late spring. April to May is the most perfect time, once it has stopped developing its fruit. Elaeagnus hedges can be maintained at any height from 120-250cm tall and 50-100cm wide.

The Elaeagnus Ebbingeii suits hedges of four to eight feet in height, and we would recommend planting this hedge eighteen to twenty-four inches apart. For a superb border hedge, with added height and width, all round privacy, and a finish that’s pleasing to the eye, the Elaeagnus Ebbingeii is the hedge for your garden. This attractive evergreen shrub has grey green leaves with a scaly silver underside the small scented white flowers in autumn are followed by orange fruits in the spring. Suited to coastal, shaded and windy sites.

We have a range of Elaeagnus Ebbingeii plants available in pot form. For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.