The Ilex crenata Golden Gem is part of the Aquifoliaceae family and is a superb compact evergreen plant which contrary to the Holly name in its title is actually spine free and non prickly. A native to many Far Eastern countires such as Japan as the name indicates, China, Taiwan and many others.The small dainty leaves are a glorious glossy golden yellow with perhaps a hint of green which is especially vibrant in winter when other plants may have faded or passed their best. The shiny small black fruits are sparsely produced in the autumn.

The Box Leaved Japanese Holly has soared in popularity this fantastic little plant with its slow growth rate is easily maintained either as a specimen shrub where a vibrant splash of colour is needed in the garden or as a low growing hedge around borders or down pathways where Box blight issues have prevented Box being planted. It is also much favoured by garden designers for planting in parterres. The stunning colour of the foliage  is displayed to its best advantage if planted in full sun. It  will grow in most well drained soil sites as a hedge to a height of 40-150cm at a rate of some 15-20cm per year. To keep the hedge or shrub neat and well shaped it is best trimmed in summer.

We sell this delightful plant in various heights and pot sizes and should you wish to discuss the best option for your needs then do please call us and we will do our best to assist you.