Also known as St John’s Wort, Hypericum is one of the most popular semi-evergreen flowering shrubs with a dense bushy habit of growth. The dark green foliage, which can drop for a couple of months in the hardest of winters but will then regenerate in spring, are a superb backdrop to the profusion of stunning golden yellow saucer-shaped flowers which come in relentless succession from mid-summer until late autumn giving a good display either as a hedge or as ground cover.

Hypericum hedging is a very hardy plant, surviving temperatures down to -12 degrees centigrade, so are suitable for most areas and will grow in full sun or partial or full shade. They grow well in most types of soil preferably well-drained soils in an area preferably protected from cold winds, they can even be grown in containers although this is not ideal they much prefer being grown in open ground, growing to a maximum height of approximately 1.5 metres with a slightly larger spread making them ideal as ground cover.

Hypericum hedges are reasonably resistant to most pests and diseases so are quite resilient and aftercare is easy with little pruning needed, just enough to tidy the plants up whether trimming as a hedge or pruning ground cover. The beautiful bright daffodil yellow flowers are extremely useful for brightening up back of borders and will mix well with most herbaceous perennials. For an informal hedge 3-5 plants per metre are recommended and as ground cover for reasonably fast coverage 3-5 plants per square metre.

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