Weigela Bristol Ruby is a cultivar of the genus Weigela, part of the Caprifoliaceae family, native to eastern Asia. Christian Ehrenfried Weigel was a German scientist after who the genus is named. Bristol Ruby is a very pretty deciduous shrub offering clusters of free flowering strikingly coloured ruby red tubular flowers loved by bees from May until June on branches with mid-green leaves.

Weigela Bristol Ruby is a particularly attractive, hardy and easy to grow bushy shrub of upright habit and is a perfect addition to any mixed border or as a very pretty informal hedge.

Weigela will tolerate most well drained soils and pollution in sun or partial shade. They can grow to 200cm having a growth rate of approximately 30-40cm per year. They are easily trimmed to keep under control and are suitable as a charming easily maintained informal hedge of between 120cm and 200cm. The best time to trim is after flowering and once established around a quarter of the stems can be cut back to ground level to encouraging new growth.

These are sold by us as bare root plants when dormant, usually between the months of November and March. As with all our bare root plants, it is possible to pre-order them a few months in advance of this. We are available in the office and would be happy to take a call if there is any other information you would like or some help with the quantity of plants you may need in your planting scheme.