Cornus are also known as Dogwoods from the Cornaceae family. There are some 30-60 different species of Cornus, which are mostly deciduous trees or shrubs with a few being evergreen.

They are native to Korea, China, Japan and the rest of Eastern Asia.

They are grown for the spectacular displays of colour and foliage that they provide in summer and autumn. Dogwood shrubs are usually chosen for their stem colours which if planted in swathes can give the most wonderful display of colour in springtime.

The Cornus plants are popular with landscapers and garden designers for the intense displays they can add to gardens or woodlands areas.

This variety of Dogwood the Cornus Kousa Chinensis or Chinese Dogwood as it is sometimes known, is a deciduous compact and particularly stunning small tree. A spectacular display in early summer is provided by its tiny white flowers surrounded by creamy white bracts that change colour with age.

Small rather non descript strawberry like fruits develop later in the season and are usually pinkish in colour. It will grow slowly into a compact conical shaped shrub or tree displaying a vivid tapestry of crimson and purple colour in Autumn. Although easy to grow in any well drained soil it does not do well if planted in chalk.  

The ornamental Cornus Kousa prefers to be planted in full sun but will tolerate partial shade. They require minimal trimming but if it is required to keep the tree well shaped then it is best done whilst the tree is fully dormant from late autumn until very early in spring.

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