Lilac Primrose is from the genus Syringa and is a beautiful deciduous shrub with highly scented Primrose yellow flower clusters that appear in May and sit well on the unusual heart shaped foliage. They grow quickly to a height of 12 foot and spread to 8 feet making a stunning addition to the garden. Their fragrant blooms are a major draw to butterflies and hummingbirds when cut can be added to bouquets or used in displays around the home. They are exceptional plants for drawing in wildlife making them ideal for planting in beds and borders near the house or in pots on the patio where both the perfume and the wildlife can be enjoyed to the full.

This delightful form of Lilac is extremely easy to grow they are hardy and will tolerate being planted in any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. Their tolerance of pollution also makes them an ideal choice for roadside planting. If consistently deadheaded the flowers will just get better and better every year. Tidying the stems will produce sturdier branches which although a deciduous plant will give a certain amount of cover through the winter months. Planting different varieties in groups will produce a visual impact which would be quite breath taking. The Lilacs also provide shelter for nesting birds to add to their many qualities.

We sell our Lilacs in pots which allows planting at any time of year regardless of seasons. Do not hesitate to ring us if you have any queries about these plants and we will do our best to assist you.