Abelia shrubs and hedges are best trimmed or pruned in late winter or early spring (before growth starts) as this will allow for flowers to develop later in the summer (Abelia flowers at the ends of the branches). However with such great foliage, the flowers could be largely sacrificed by trimming a little more frequently through the season to maintain a much more formal shape. Or of course have a more informal little hedge – and let it flower away all Summer with just an annual trim – there is no right or wrong answer, only personal preference!

How to grow Abelia Grandiflora Kaleidoscope
Position: Sun or partial shade. Best in a sheltered spot. Does well by the sea.
Foliage: Semi Evergreen, leaves persist for most of the year but many may drop in very cold spells (and re leaf the following spring)
Soil and site: Any soil except very dry

Flowering time: continuously through summer and autumn.

Growth rate: slow/moderate 15-20cm per year.
Ultimate height and spread: 100cm high x 100cm or more wide

Hardiness: Moderately hardy, does best in a sheltered sunny spot
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and through the first season until established. Prune or trim in late winter/early spring.