Deutzia Hybrida Perle Rose Shrubs

Deutzia hybrida Perle Rose

A beautiful deciduous shrub with a naturally bushy habit of growth, Deutzias are a staple of the shrub border in early Summer and can bridge the gap between Spring and Summer flowering plants in the garden. Growing to around 150cm x 150cm they are small enough for most gardens and make a good backdrop to smaller flowers. Deutzia Perle Rose has beautiful star shaped flowers appearing in clisters, light pink with a frosted white edging and centre – ideal for a burst of colour in the ‘June gap’.

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Deutzia Perle Rose
They are suited for back of borders or in beds to draw the eye to a point of interest. Deutzias prefer open sunny sites protected from icy winds and not north facing. They require space to flourish therefore should not be planted to close in mixed borders. Deutzias are drought resistant but tolerate being planted is slightly moist soil but must be well drained.To maintain a good shape with Deutzia hybrida Perle Rose, the shrubs can be pruned back to 2 or 3 buds of the previous years growth straight after flowering.

Deutzia can also be planted to make an unusual and informal flowering hedge or screen. (plant 2-3 plants per metre, trim after flowering)