Mahonia Shrubs

Mahonias are highly regarded evergreen shrubs grown for their architectural form and foliage. All have prickly holly-like leaves with the exception of Soft caress which is spine free and can be planted next to paths and other areas where visitors may brush past them.

Mahonias flower during the Autumn/Winter/Spring depending on the variety chosen, useful times of the year when there are usually few other plants and shrubs to bring colour to the garden. The Winter flowering types such as Charity and Winter Sun are particularly good for pollinating insects and the fruits that follow will attract birds into the garden.

Plant them in partial shade or full sun if some moisture is available and they will develop into handsome specimens that give a reliable display each year with very little work.

Mahonias are great shrubs for a shady border, they also do well in full sun provided the soil stays moist during the warmer months which is best achieved by applying a generous mulch of well rotted garden compost in early Spring.

Pruning is not normally necessary although any wayward shoots can be trimmed in Spring before growth starts.