Mahonia Charity is a stately evergreen shrub with very large architectural leaves that grow to 50cm or more. The fragrant yellow flower spikes are borne proudly above the foliage throughout the winter months from November until March when the garden can appear devoid of colour, followed by showy bunches of deep purple berries. The first notable specimen was discovered in a batch of seedlings from Mahonia lomariifolia in Northern Ireland in the early 1950’s and named ‘Charity’ in England at the Savill Gardens where the first blooms appeared. Mahonia Charity makes an excellent, colourful back of border shrub being a focal point that will attract wildlife, insects to pollinate the flowers and birds a little later for the berries, as well as being a deterrent for intruders with its spiky foliage

Mahonia Charity is a very useful plant for shady areas and low maintenance gardens as it is drought resistant and does not need much looking after. Pruning should be carried out in spring after flowering with any stems that have grown too long or are bare at the base being cut back to a strong shoot. If the plant has been overlooked for some time and is in need of some tlc it can be cut back to stems about 30-60cm long to revive it.

We supply Mahonia Charity as a pot grown plant which enables it to be planted at any time of year with little trauma to the root system. This means that the plant will establish quickly and start putting on growth.

Should you have any questions in respect of Mahonia Charity telephone a member of our team and we will be please to help.