Pieris Flaming Silver Shrubs

Pieris Flaming Silver

This cheeful evergreen shrub produces the same eyecatching bright red young growths in late spring as the more common ‘Forest Flame’ Pieris, it also has the benefit of a silvery-white edging to the leaves as they mature. In mid to late Spring the densely packed clusters of lily-of-the-valley flowers open, each one like a tiny white pitcher they are very popular with pollinating insects.

Interest peaks in the Spring when Pieris Flaming Silver puts on a dramatic show, however this is a great structure plant that looks good all year. Ideal for the woodland garden where they go very well with Azaleas and Rhododendrons, a shady shrub border and they also make excellent container plants (using ericaceous compost). 150cm x 100cm.

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Pieris Flaming Silver prefers the same conditions as Azaleas and Rhododendrons – well drained humus rich acidic soil that retains some moisture during the summer. For best results plant away from exposed north or eastern aspects where the soft young growth may be damaged by strong winds or late frosts.

Pieris will thrive in sun or partial shade. Pruning is not normally necessary although the spent flowerheads may be removed after they have faded to maintain a tidy appearance.