Further Information about Sambucus Golden Tower Shrubs

These striking deciduous plants are ideal for inclusion in a mixed border, creating an impact particularly when planted alongside plants with contrasting foliage – such as its cousin – Sambucus Nigra Black Tower or Black Lace.  This slightly unsung hero is a delight to have in your garden with its plentiful bright gold and lime leaves creating a superb backdrop to other shrubs and flowers. They could be mistaken for a Japanese Maple or Acer, though are hardier and less fussy about their planting conditions! An excellent plant choice for a smaller or narrow garden where space is more limited, due to their natural upright growth habit. Sambucus Golden Tower are very hardy once established and thrive in most soils though do prefer good drainage. Moderate growers, they can reach an eventual height of 3 metres with a spread of up to a metre.

You can plant your Sambucus Golden Tower in most locations though the sunnier it is, the more variations of colour and flowers it is likely to produce. It will thrive in most soils that are well drained and do not become waterlogged. Whilst it can be quite happy in heavier soil, we advise mixing in some grit and sand in the planting area to improve drainage to give them the best start. Make sure your soil is free of weeds and grass and dug over so it is as loose and crumbly as possible as this means your plants roots can most easily get established. Once established, Sambucus Golden Tower are pretty drought resistant although will require consistent watering in the first year of planting, and can then be left to their own devices during spells of dry weather. They are very hardy once established.

Sambucus Golden Tower is grown on our nursery and available in a variety of pot sizes all year round.

To give your Sambucus Golden Tower plants the best very chance to thrive it is always advisable to prepare the ground as well as possible and follow the planting guidance that we e-mail on confirmation of order. A hard copy of this planting guidance leaflet is also sent out with every order. We always recommend the use of the Mycorrhizal Fungi Rootgrow which enhances a plant root system and the use of the slow-release fertiliser Bonemeal to encourage faster establishment and a more drought resilient plant with a stronger root system. We would also recommend mulching at the base of the plant at least until it is established but ideally every year during dry spells to help maintain moisture.

Cut back your Sambucus Golden Tower plants annually in early spring to ensure the bushiest new growth. Don’t be afraid to cut them back quite hard – it can stop them becoming leggy and will promote more foliage.