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Rhododendron are renowned for displaying a spectacular show of brightly coloured flowers in spring, and make for a truly beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. They can be both evergreen and deciduous hedges, meaning you can find the right rhododendron hedge you desire, with the specific colour you’re after.

These hedging plants are great for not only providing colour and a focal point for your garden, but also for planting in masses, to create privacy and a truly spectacular colour show. Most of these plants will grow to 180cm x 180cm, and when paired with our beautiful azaleas, will provide you with the prettiest sight - especially in woodland settings.

They like well drained soil that is moist, which definitely has to be free of any lime. They also prefer being planted where there will be leaf mould or similar organic matter to help them grow. They are surface rooting plants, and really enjoy having plenty of pleat planted with them, as well as yearly tops ups.

Our wide range of bushy rhododendrons are ready for sale at four years old, and come in five litre pots, normally at 12-16 inches high and wide (excluding the pot). With a variety of rhododendron plants in stock throughout the year, there is sure to be one or more for everyone’s tastes and requirements. We nurture and care for these plants, as we do all of our stock, on our family-run nursery here in the heart of Kent, so you can rest assured that they’re going to arrive in great condition.

Take a look at our range of rhododendron plants below. If you have any questions or require any advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists on 01580 765600, or take a look at our contact page.

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  • Albert Schweitzer is a beautiful larger growing hybrid with a more upright habit of growth, it has rich rosy flowers with a deeper red blotch that appear in large trusses in late spring.

  • A robust medium sized hybrid Rhododendron, the deep green foliage makes a perfect backdrop for the riot of deep rose pink flowers that appear in dense rounded trusses.

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  • A lovely hybrid, vigorous and strong growth with glossy foliage but only medium sized, the flowers are shell pink attractively blotched with red and borne very freely.

  • A dense, bushy and compact hybrid with deep pink flowerbuds fading to lighter pink as they open, one of the earliest to flower - normally in Feb/March, very occasionally at Christmas.

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  • One of our most popular varieties, a dense bushy Rhododendron with dark glossy green leaves and pale pink flowers with red markings inside that are borne freely.

  • A lovely old variety that is reliable and easy, a compact variety with deep green foliage Funnel shaped flowers are white with yellow spotted markings borne in open trusses.

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  • Cunninghams Blush is a dense growing and compact Hybrid Rhododendron, deep green foliage and delicate blush pink flowers with light maroon markings.

  • An excellent compact and bushy variety with glossy green foliage, the bright phlox pink flowers have lighter markings and are borne in profusion. A reliable and popular hybrid.

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  • This small growing and compact Hybrid Rhododendron has deep green foliage and large deep pink flowers with ruffled edges, paler in the centre.

  • A hybrid for all seasons, Goldflimmer has  trusses of lilac flowers with brownish yellow spots. When out of flower the attrractive golden yellow markings provide colour.

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  • One of the best, a dense growing hybrid with large leathery deep green leaves. The fragrant flowers are white and flushed pale mauve at the deges with mustard coloured blotches.

  • A vigorous, bushy and strong growing variety with deep green foliage. In late spring it freely produces bright red flowers in large trusses. Medium sized.

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  • This magnificent hybrid has large leathery dark green foliage, the very large flower trusses are red in bud, opening to a satisfying mellow warm yellow as they age

  • Kokardia is a compact and bushy hybrid with deep green foliage, in late spring the trusses of frilled pink flowers emerge, each with striking dark purple markings.

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  • A compact and tidy hybrid with a rounded shape, the deep green foliage acts as a foil for many trusses of rich purple flowers, each with greenish brown and ochre markings inside.

  • This reliable old variety has bushy upright growth with leathery dark green leaves, the large flower trusses carry deep crimson funnel shaped flowers with black markings.

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  • Another excellent and reliable old variety that has stood the test of time, the dark green foliage contrasts with rounded trusses of white flowers that have yellow blotches inside.

  • This dense growing bushy cultivar has a more spreading habit. In late spring the large rounded trusses carry dark rosy-purple flowers with darker markings.

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  • A larger variety, strong growing and upright with particularly fine dark green foliage, the flowers are bright scarlet with darker spots, borne in very large flat - topped trusses.

  • Mosers Maroon is a tall strong growing variety with copper red young growth rather like a toned down Photinia. The flowers emerge in late spring, maroon red with darker markings.

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  • One of the best and most popular hybrids, Nova Zembla has a bushy upright habit. Deep rosy red flower trusses with a conspicuous darker blotch. Very hardy.

  • One of the oldest hybrid varieties growing into a large rounded shrub, dark green foliage and rounded trusses of rosy lilac flowers that have a pattern of brown markings inside.

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  • This medium sized bushy hybrid has a compact habit of growth, the rounded trusses of flowers are vivid rosy pink with frilly edges contasting with the dark green leaves.

  • Scintillation is a medium sized hybrid with  glossy deep green foliage. In late spring it produces large rounded trusses of attractive pink flowers, each with a bronzy flare inside.

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  • This eye catching hybrid has a particularly striking flower combination of an almost electric pink with a rich golden throat. Dark green leathery foliage, a medium sized variety.

  • We love this one for its beautiful large trusses of wavy edged flowers, pale orange in the centre flushed with rosy pink at the margins. A smaller growing plant with an upright habit.

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  • This particularly hardy hybrid makes a bushy compact shrub with deep green foliage and large rounded trusses of deep red flowers with darker spots.

  • The bushy growth of this hardy variety has lovely deep green foliage. The rosy red flowers have chocolate brown markings will grow well in dappled shade.

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