Dwarf Rhododendrons

Dwarf Rhododendrons are true little gems of the garden with their brightly coloured spring flowers held on dwarf bushy plants that seldom exceed 60cm. The flowers are produced in ever increasing numbers each year as the plants develop making these plants a solid long-term investment. If space allows, they are at their best when planted in groups of three and with a mix of varieties it is possible to have flowers in succession from Mid to late Spring. They also go well with evergreen Azaleas.

Although often seen planted in the dappled shade of a woodland setting, these tough plants will succeed in a moderate amount of sun. Rhododendrons are ericaceous plants and so they should have acid soil that is well prepared and free draining. (Check to see if they are growing in nearby gardens if you aren’t sure about your soil). If your soil is alkaline, they can still be enjoyed in your garden if grown in containers or raised beds filled with Ericaceous compost.

Dwarf Rhododendrons dislike cultivation immediately around them (their roots are very close to the surface) but they do benefit from a light mulch each Spring to conserve moisture. This will also discourage weeds making these plant both beautiful, and very low maintenance.